30 Day Book Challenge – Day 29

-DAY 29-

A book everyone hated but you liked.


Almost anyone I have ever mentioned this book to in the past has told me they hated it. I read it back in 7th grade for Battle of the Books and loved it, and it left quite an impression on me.

It’s set in the future, where jobs are doled out to people at a certain age. Every so often, when the giver is unwell, a new child must be selected to take his place. He’s called the giver because he gives memories and emotions for the new child to experience. Things like love, grief, pain, and other feelings have never been experienced by the future children. Love is actually an archaic word. Children are bred from mothers and fathers whose job alone is to breed for the others, and marriages are arranged by those in charge. Then children are given to these people.

The only person that knows what real love was and pain, and grief and other emotions and experiences, is the giver, followed by the child meant to take his place in old age.

It is kind of bitter and heavy for that age group, leading a lot of people to think of it as age-inappropriate, but I remember being fascinated by the book’s premise.


30 Day Book Challenge – Day 28

-DAY 28-

Your favorite book title.


This is technically a book, and the first in a series.

To those of you who like manga, manwha, and anime, this is a yaoi comic about a kid who becomes a medium while trying to figure out his feelings for his best friend.

I just thought the name was clever, a (doesn’t know it yet) gay youth with a knack for the spiritual: Eerie Queerie!

In Japan, the name was much different, but this English name always makes me smile.

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 27


-DAY 27-

The most surprising twist or ending.


There are plenty of books that I could have said here, and they will get honorable mentions below.

I just finished this in the wee hours of the morning. It is a book that is almost 100% true to the Hans Christian Anderson version of The Little Mermaid, aka something that I obsess over.

I knew there was going to be a twist, but I didn’t want to ruin it so I didn’t look up spoilers. The twist at the end was nice, and this book was bittersweet.

Great book for mermaid lovers, if not a bit sad.


Choke by Chuck Palahniuk and Bay’s End by Edward Lorn.

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 26

-DAY 26-

A book that changed your opinion on something.


This was required reading in English class in high school, but I can’t remember which grade. For those of you that haven’t read it, it is actually a very political book. Animal Farm is banned in many countries because of the message behind it.

The reason I chose this book for today is because most of my adolescence and teen years in general, I was the kid that didn’t want to fit the mold, but felt like I had to be shoved into the mold and locked in and conform. I had (have) a religious family, live in the South (some of you southerners will know why this is worth mentioning), and I desired more.

This book, in an nutshell, is about overthrowing a leader when oppressed. It taught me that it actually isn’t okay to let people in authority trample all over you and oppress you. It taught me that breaking free of the mold is worth fighting for, and I attribute many of my current personality traits to what this book showed to me.

Was it violent? Yes, but it served as a much needed wake up call to a younger me that I didn’t have to conform. I could be my own person. I could be whatever I wanted to be and if someone wanted to take away those freedoms, I have the right to stand up for myself. I would never kill anyone, but I am quick to take up for myself now, which is something I never used to do.

Thank you, George Orwell.

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 25

-DAY 25-

The character you most relate to.


Maybe this is cheating because Girl, Interrupted is more of a memoir, but it was the only “character” that I felt I related to.

Girl, Interrupted is the memoir of Susanna Kaysen, a young woman who goes to a mental hospital for a couple of years.

I should start off by saying that I have never been to a mental hospital, but both I and the author of this book suffer from a mental disorder called Borderline Personality Disorder. In addition to that, I have other mental illnesses, but it was the way she wrote the book and her experiences while at that hospital that touched me. She struggles with self image. She struggles relating to the people around her. Some days, she thinks she is a lot crazier than she is, and I KNOW those feelings. I know those struggles despite having very different circumstances.

So while it may be a ‘cop out’ since I’ve chosen  a real person and not just a character, Susanna Kaysen was the only person that came to mind.

Also, the movie is different from the book in a lot of ways. Good movie, poignant book.

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 24

-DAY 24-

A book you wish more people would read.


My mom bought this for me at Dollar General my junior (?) year of High School. She was hesitant because of the use of magic, but I convinced her since it was so cheap.

I fell in love with this book. I need to read it again because my memory is fuzzy. I even got my English teacher to read it because it tied in with some things we were learning in English class.

It’s a romance with a love triangle, but it is very well written and has some sweet moments and some rough moments. You can read reviews for a better idea of what this book is about, but I highly recommend it.

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 23

-DAY 23-

A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t.


This book. Okay, where do I begin?

I’ll start off by saying that this is an erotica book. There is a movie based off of it that my partner and I own. The movie is steamy and has one of our favorite actors in it (Eric Balfour). We bought it on a whim because we were collecting his movies, then I found out that the movie was based on a book and thought it might be a fun read.

The movie is supposedly banned in 12 countries, by the way.

Anyway, the only reason I haven’t read this yet is because it is out of print! The only copies I have ever found were in the $100+ range, and I find that to be insane for a used book.

I’ll just have to cross my fingers that I’ll get a copy some day. I know there is more of a storyline than the movie offered, and I want to know everything!