30 Day Book Challenge

Best Book I read Last Year: WARM BODIES

WHY:  If you’ve seen the movie, congratulations. It’s funny, fairly close to the book, but not quite. The book is a million times better. There are parts in Warm Bodies that had me laughing out loud literally, and making my wifey think I’d lost the few marbles I had left.
The people who made the trailers and ads for Warm Bodies as a movie should really be scolded. It is not Twilight for Zombies. I’ve read Twilight, and it is not even in my top 1000 favorite books. Warm Bodies became my favorite book of all time before I even finished reading it.
The book is hilarious, and there are so many things that they should have left in the movie from the book. For one, the boneys were considered priests amongst zombies. They held sermons and performed weddings.  For another, R actually had a zombie wife!
I cannot recommend this book enough to anyone. It is hilarious, touching, and I think everyone should ignore the movie, read the book, THEN give the movie a shot.
Don’t get me wrong, I do love the movie. It’s fairly decent for an adaptation to film, but the book had me rolling in laughing and genuinely saying ‘aww’ too. It is epic and a quick read!


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