30 Day Book Challenge

A book you have read more than three times.


This is one of those books that keeps coming back for me.
I first got this book as a present from my grandmother (who had never read it), when I was in fifth grade. I was still into Goosebumps books back then, but being from a family that thought all horror would bring demons into the house. this was offered as my only alternative.
I was in fifth grade as aforementioned, and I read the whole thing but couldn’t comprehend it despite having a high reading comprehension for my age.
I read it once in 8th grade with slightly better reading comprehension, and twice my senior year of High School. I even wrote my senior paper for English on Wuthering Heights.
To me, I love Heathcliff’s love for Catherine, as tortured as it is. I’m a fan of romantic tragedies in books and films. It’s part of the reason I love The Phantom of the Opera so much. Same reason. Tortured guy pining for the woman he can’t have. I’m so awful.
Anyway, this is a classic I highly recommend. I think it is due for another spin soon. My copy is just about to fall apart, so I may invest in a new one when I’m ready.


2 responses to “30 Day Book Challenge

  1. Ive only ever read WH once cover to cover… but I come back to certain scenes or chapters again and again. Even written papers about it.

    It’s definitely a haunting tale.. it has stayed with me ever since..

    Cool post! 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment!
    It is indeed a very haunting tale. Good choice of words there.
    I’m really overdue for reading it again. It’s a little rusty in my head, but still has enough impact to have left an impression with me.

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