30 Day Book Challenge – DAY 08

-DAY 08-

Most overrated book.


I’m sure a million people have chosen this book today. The thing is, I find the movies to be alright. They are at least somewhat enjoyable. The book wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but it is still worthy of all the crap it gets from the populace.

See, there are ways to rehash old, tired cliches, and this really wasn’t the way to do it. Bella spent more time fawning all over Edward than actually connecting with him. He was so perfect and he was attached to this clumsy, wet noodle of a “heroine” who had no backbone other than a smart mouth she couldn’t back up. Yet Edward was drawn to her flaws and imperfections and the fact she was generally mundane?

Enough people bought it though, and practically worship this book. Me? Not so much. Will I read the others? I don’t know. I’ve heard New Moon (the second book in the series) is worse than the first. This is being told to me by my partner of nearly 10 years, whose opinion I trust, so that isn’t exactly promising.


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