30 Day Book Challenge – Day 09

-DAY 09-

A book you thought you wouldn’t like, but wound up loving.


I read this back in high school. I believe that our library was phasing out older, more worn books and bringing in newer titles, so I picked this up for ten cents on the very last day because no one wanted it. I was a voracious reader back then. I read a lot more than I do now (yes, I’m ashamed).

I wasn’t sure what I would think. It was set in Texas, which is usually a red flag for me. (Not saying Texas sucks, I have many great friends there and my father was born there.) It just usually gives off that real country feel that I tend to avoid in my fiction. ANYWAY.

This book is about two young children whose mother marries the man that saved her from drowning. As it turns out, his last family all mysteriously drowned, and the children become convinced that their new stepfather is trying to poison them, so they are wary of food.

One night, the mother comes into their rooms to tuck them in, but instead of telling them goodnight or the usual I love you’s,. she says one little word that send a chill up my spine: RUN.

This book is suspenseful with a strong plot, and as you read it, you can tell a lot of thought went into each word. I can’t recommend it enough.


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