30 Day Book Challenge – Day 15

-DAY 15-

Favorite Male Character.


Schmendrick, the magician from Peter S. Beagles, “The Last Unicorn”.

I’ve had a lengthy love affair with the movie and the novel for quite some time. I am overdue to read the book again, but I have the movie damn near memorized.

Schmendrick (which apparently is Yiddish for a stupid person), is an inept magician that just wants to help the only unicorn he’s ever seen find and liberate her race. In the movie version, he tells the unicorn, “I could be blind and know what you are”.

Either way, this is a beautiful story. Unicorns cannot feel love or  regret, but Amalthea surely learns it while human. The book is amazing and a very quick read, though there are subtle differences in the (BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN) animated film.

He’s just a good guy, kind of goofy with a big heart. He perseveres in the face of opposition and is resourceful. He uses what he has to help his equine friend in need.

So there. 🙂


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