2013 – Bust!

Like many people all over the world, I made New Year’s Resolutions on January 1st, 2013. I had it all planned in my head. I was going to slim down, read more, write more, lots of things.

Well, bust.

I had three resolutions exactly. THREE. I only succeeded at one of them.

1. Read a book a week. – I failed this miserably. I read a total of seven books this year. SEVEN. That is nowhere near fifty-two.

2. Lose a significant amount of weight. – I did this backwards? I gained quite a bit due to some health issues. Being in pain is not exactly conducive to a good exercise regime.

3. Finish Lady Carlotta’s Pearls, my manuscript. I actually did this. I finished writing it in April, then made my revisions, then sent it in to a publisher. It was turned away, so I sat on it for awhile before sending it in to publisher #2. I still won’t know if it will be accepted or not, as I have only been waiting a month, but I still feel like this was a good start to getting my foot in the door.

My goals for 2014 are pretty much the same, with minor adjustments.

1. I want to read at least twenty books by the end of the year. This time I’m really going to stick with it. If I can read more, that would be great, but I feel like twenty is a more attainable goal, and with the way I’ve been practically inhaling the written word lately, this may be a goal I’m more excited to reach. I shouldn’t overwhelm myself with monstrous resolutions. I feel like aiming too high will cause me to get stuck in the mud. I have to have motivation to do anything, and as much as that sucks, I plan on making this goal with goodreads.com doing my counting for me.

2. I want to lose weight. Most of you know I’m at a very, very unhealthy weight, and it is majorly affecting my health. I have fatty liver, I’m in pain all the time, and I’m pre-diabetic. At this point, losing weight is more than a want, it is a need. I’m already constructing my battle plan for that hump, so wish me luck. I’ll need it. Fortunately, I’ll be armed with prescription strength motrin this time.

3. I would like to finish another manuscript. I have two unfinished manuscripts right now. I have 50k on one, and 30k on another. The problem is, I have this other idea nagging me, so I’ve begun a third manuscript on something not completely fleshed out in my head.

So there we have it. Feel free to poke and prod, ask questions, do whatever you want. I’m inviting you to give me the swift kick to the ass that I need to stay motivated. Nagging me only makes me do nothing to spite you. Encouraging me and reminding me that these are MY goals that I need to do for myself? That should get me somewhere.

So I’m putting 2013 behind me. 2014, be ready, because I’m a girl on a mission.