Slim review of Gone, Girl by Gillian Flynn

It took me…about a year…to finish this book. I almost stopped reading it entirely but I like to finish any book I start.

I am giving this book a two, but let me explain a couple of things.

1. This book was extremely well written.
2. The plot was interesting and unique to anything I’ve read before.
3. This damn book makes you root for the cheating husband.

I’m not going to get into spoilers or any thing of that nature, but I will say that if this book was mediocre writing, I would not have finished it. The author can clearly write her butt off. My problem was most of the characters. With the exception of Nick’s sister Go, I wound up hating every character in the book at least once, and most multiple times.
The characters, though well written, are just super crappy people. I don’t expect every book I read to have a happy ending or for everything to be roses and daisies, but the ending of this book put a bad taste in my mouth that I will not soon recover from.

So, in the short of it, unique and well written with characters I’d very much like to set on fire.