Inktober Favorites

So last month, I participated in my first Inktober, where the month of October is used, much like NaNoWriMo for writers, for artists. It is about drawing every day and making art every day. It is intense, but I managed to pull it off.

My art isn’t amazing by far, but I do feel like I’ve improved quite a bit.

Below are my top five favorites from the challenge.


Malila is a mermaid character belonging to my wife. She is darker skinned with silver eyes, kind of funny and quirky, and pretty.



Naledi belongs to a friend that plays the online MUD The Land of Karchan with my wife and I. She’s a real sweetheart and I did this as a request for her.




I love Tim Burton, and even though I did Sally last month as well, I think my Corpse Bride came out even better.



The Last Unicorn is one of my favorite movies ever, and I do so little fan art of any of my nerddoms that I thought drawing her would be fun.

I was very unhappy with the initial sketch, so I did a lot of tinkering in Photoshop to get her proportions right. I love the color palette, and even though this wasn’t one of my best from the month, I feel proud to have drawn something from one of my favorite movies/books ever.



Anaissa is a character that I do not know or interact with, but she was a request from deviantart. She’s messy and I apparently forgot the henna tattoos on her face and body, but given how fast I drew, inked, and colored this intricate design, I’m really proud of the outcome.



So there you have it, my favorites from last month.

Also of note, I plan on taking a variation of the 100 themes challenge and applying it to a daily flash fiction challenge. Anywhere from 100-500 words. Some days, you may get this only instead of a real post of substance. Other days, it may be a complimentary post.

Take care!

N.N. Bell


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