Book Covers

I am now making super cheap book covers in hopes to get some extra cash. I’m sick to death of being broke all the time.

Below are some examples:

Available Book Cover #1

Available Book Cover #2

Available Book Cover #3

Available Book Cover #4

I also have a post on deviantart about my prices here:


30 Day Book Challenge – Day 24

-DAY 24-

A book you wish more people would read.


My mom bought this for me at Dollar General my junior (?) year of High School. She was hesitant because of the use of magic, but I convinced her since it was so cheap.

I fell in love with this book. I need to read it again because my memory is fuzzy. I even got my English teacher to read it because it tied in with some things we were learning in English class.

It’s a romance with a love triangle, but it is very well written and has some sweet moments and some rough moments. You can read reviews for a better idea of what this book is about, but I highly recommend it.

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 23

-DAY 23-

A book you wanted to read for a long time but still haven’t.


This book. Okay, where do I begin?

I’ll start off by saying that this is an erotica book. There is a movie based off of it that my partner and I own. The movie is steamy and has one of our favorite actors in it (Eric Balfour). We bought it on a whim because we were collecting his movies, then I found out that the movie was based on a book and thought it might be a fun read.

The movie is supposedly banned in 12 countries, by the way.

Anyway, the only reason I haven’t read this yet is because it is out of print! The only copies I have ever found were in the $100+ range, and I find that to be insane for a used book.

I’ll just have to cross my fingers that I’ll get a copy some day. I know there is more of a storyline than the movie offered, and I want to know everything!

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 22

-DAY 22-

A book that makes you cry.


In sixth grade, this was the book we were required to read in our English class. It really left an impression on me because the ending made me cry and I was teased for getting so emotional ‘over a book’ by mean classmates. Some kids were just like ‘that’s stupid’, whereas the book really touched me.

It’s a novel for younger audiences, but I still remember a lot about it. This book is a bittersweet memory for me. There is a movie based on this book now that I saw in theaters years ago, and it was just as poignant and bittersweet and just sad. I recommend this book highly not only because of the story, but because of the lesson it taught me way back in sixth grade; Not every story gets a happy ending.

30 Day Book Challenge – Day 15

-DAY 15-

Favorite Male Character.


Schmendrick, the magician from Peter S. Beagles, “The Last Unicorn”.

I’ve had a lengthy love affair with the movie and the novel for quite some time. I am overdue to read the book again, but I have the movie damn near memorized.

Schmendrick (which apparently is Yiddish for a stupid person), is an inept magician that just wants to help the only unicorn he’s ever seen find and liberate her race. In the movie version, he tells the unicorn, “I could be blind and know what you are”.

Either way, this is a beautiful story. Unicorns cannot feel love or  regret, but Amalthea surely learns it while human. The book is amazing and a very quick read, though there are subtle differences in the (BEAUTIFULLY DRAWN) animated film.

He’s just a good guy, kind of goofy with a big heart. He perseveres in the face of opposition and is resourceful. He uses what he has to help his equine friend in need.

So there. 🙂

30 Day Book Challenge – DAY 10

-DAY 10-

A book that reminds you of home.


Ah, Anne of Green Gables. I was given this book by my grandmother in fourth grade. The first three books in the series actually, in one fat collection.

I would read this every night before bed until I had completed all three of those books, and this is the book that actually caused me enough eye strain that reading glasses became necessary. My grandmother would turn off the light in my room because it was bedtime, and I would try to read in the dark.

My favorite part is when Anne goes to school and Gilbert starts teasing her by saying ‘Carrots, carrots’ in a reference to her bright red hair, then she turned around and broke her slate over his head. Good times were had with this book!

30 Day Book Challenge – DAY 07

-DAY 07-

A Book that makes you laugh,.


This is technically a kids book, but I don’t care. It was still pretty cool with some fairly wicked themes.

What makes me laugh the most though, are some of the demons listed in this book. Let me just offer up a quote to show you what I mean.

“He had never really speculated about this before, since demons came in all shapes and sizes. Indeed, some of them came in more than one shape or size all by themselves, such as O’Dear, the Demon of People Who Look in Mirrors and Think They’re Overweight, and his twin, O’Really, the Demon of People Who Look in Mirrors and Think They’re Slim When They’re Not.”
-John Connelly, The Gates
So yes. Amusing and a fun read.